Born and raised in Bakersfield I have been involved in the creative industry all of my life. Always seeking to learn all aspects of Art in all mediums and forms.
Starting with Mobil Oil, where I was
commissioned to design Safety Posters where I transitioned as a
commercial artist throughout California, illustrating books for McGraw-Hill and graphic print services.
With all the design work coming my way, I opened my own Print and Advertising
Production Agency, On the Loose Art Studio.

This lead me to design backdrops for a CBS TV station and soon found myself working for affiliate Commercial Broadcasting Company as a Director/Producer in charge of working for their high end clients. From there,
I moved into a Creative Service Director position in broadcasting working
closely with the marketing dept.

“I was drawn to the potential of internet while it was still in it’s infant stages and moved from broadcasting to web development and this work brought me to the Central Coast. The contract ended and I had to make a decision at that point of either moving to the city where my skill set was in demand or finding work that suited my skills here. After living here, it’s a difficult prospect to move back to city life

At that point, Patrick was newly married and his wife was working as a realtor. In assisting my wife with the advertising and marketing for her clients, I quickly realized I could draw upon my past experience and diverse skill sets while
doing what I love best ~ working with people in facilitating their needs and wants, is a very creative venture” and Patrick draws upon all his abilities to make the experience unique and fulfilling for all involved.


Patrick is very active in his community and a committed Toastmaster having won numerous awards for his speaking. As a public speaker and founder of Pivotal Synergy, an up and coming Business Leadership organization, Patrick enjoys” fostering people’s aspirations and self development. My life long passion for the arts has kept me active and I continue to enjoy the creative avenues Painting and Public Speaking affords me. I have lead successful
16 plus years carrier as a commercial artist: