Metalsmithing is my passion. Born and raised in Orange County and a child of the ‘60’s, I am now based in Arizona with a vacation place here on the Central Coast.
Formal instruction, then striking out on my own, making “happy mistakes” along the way, has served as the basis for my training. . .making happy mistakes remains part of the process!
Copper is used in much of my work, along with silver, sea glass, dichromatic cabs, stones, polymer clay, beads, chain, and repurposed objects like silverware, bicycle gears, natural flora, along with all kinds of embellishments.
Various methods and techniques, like air chasing, repousse, folding, etching electroforming, texturing, soldering, riveting, embossing, enameling, and even Prisma pencils are used to create bracelets, pendants, rings, belt buckles, hat bands, and earrings.
Various patinas and finishes are often used, such as liver of Sulphur, flame torching, salt & ammonia or vinegar; even mustard and Miracle Grow! All pieces are then sealed to preserve luster and prevent oxidation.
It is all so much fun and great therapy. . .the twinkle and smile that my jewelry gives to others really makes my day!