Arts education for me began in High School in southern California-but I’ll skip that -because all it produced was a giant paper mache’ frog..with a crown on his head…pretty awesome actually…
I graduated with an arts degree many years later from Cal State Fullerton- the only college grad from a family
of five children and a middle class neighborhood in Anaheim. I have a very Anaheim story which started at Disneyland- The magic Kingdom:
It was there in 1972 at the beginning of my college days where, as a foods employee (cast member), I met my future husband Bill- another cast member and sweeper-foreman. He swept me off my feet… Two years passed- we were married. Bill went on to work for the Air Force in the Aero Space and Intelligence community.
At CSUF, I was learning all there was to know about art-its history and mostly graphic arts and illustration…..
When Disney liked my college art portfolio enough to hire me on to learn the fine art of Caricature-thus launching a 25 year career in the art of big heads and little bodies…It earned me some good cash and allowed me to still enjoy all the fun and creativity of
motherhood as well (3 girls). When Cedar Fair took over the caricature franchise at Knotts Berry Farm-(My final Caricature gig), I took my arts career in a whole new direction:- Teaching -The best move I ever made regarding my arts career:
I went back to CSUF and obtained my single subject credential for art at the high school level. I worked for the Anaheim union high school district- loving every minute of my 12 and 1/2 year career -i was 45 when I started.
Now I am in heaven again: Teaching art in Trilogy , golf, tennis,
and showing my work at local galleries. I am a Christian, and go the little white church across from Jockos in Nipomo…I have two golden retrievers,

three cats, two turtles, two birds, Koi, and a wonderful man who puts up with my constant art mess…..Yeah, I’m totally blessed!