I’m Jody Cottrell and I reside here on the beautiful Central Coast in Arroyo Grande. I have always had a passion for creativity and try to do something everyday that sparks joy…not always easy but most of the time I manage to eek something out- wheather it be cooking, journaling or creating mixed media-it is my therapy.I’m also a mom, a lover of animals and a business owner.

“Bits”Lariats came about because of the accumulation of “stuff”….Pieces and bits of this and that…life trinkets. They are hand crocheted and made with a sense of humor. Hopefully they will spark a memory or start a conversation. My sweet husband gave me an ultimatum (ummmm…challenge) of doing something with all of my stuff or he would have a garage sale …so this is esult. I do hope you enjoy them!

Wear “Bits” a lariat necklace, a bracelet wrap or use as a display piece wrapped or hung around something…Enjoy!