Hello, I am Catherine Lemoine, artist. It brings me great joy to introduce myself to you that way. Our lives as we live them are or have been complicated and now at this stage in my life, I am free and happy to be titled as an artist!
Excitement starts when I think about what I am going to paint next. It has become a passion, not just an outlet that fashions how I live. It is about the colors and how to use them. It is about the secret ingredient that brings a smile to my lips and then to others that moves my art forward. It is the fascination of creating an image that causes emotion to another person that gives me a sense of accomplishment.
My journey in painting began in 2005 which was a moment in my life that I finally had a ‘time out’ and could venture to do something that I had always wanted to try.
Today, I live in the California Central Coast. Daily I see the ocean, the vineyards, livestock, the countryside as it can only be seen in California. This is my inspiration for painting as it comes from my love of all that God has created for us to see.
Currently I am active in Arts Obispo, El Camino Art Assoc., Central Coast Watercolor Society, I also teach art at the SLO Museum of Art and at Gala de Arte Nipomo. I have been a demonstrating artist at Alan Hancock College for ‘Plein Air” painting.
It is my good friends who share with me the same passion for art that have given me the fellowship and encouragement to continue to create even more art. Best of all they inspire me to continue my journey through the visual arts with a smile and a paint brush in hand.
Catherine Lemoine