Brandon Ross Calvin Harward was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. His career started at age 13 when he decided to intern for a summer in California with his Grandfather, Ross Harward who specialized in watercolor paintings. It was during this summer that he realized how much he enjoyed creating artwork. Growing up Brandon also found himself immersed in the jewelry/ bead world thru his mother Beverly. He can remember there were African Bead Traders in and out of the house selling all kinds of beads ranging from glass to snake bones. The floor would be covered with beads; the only parts showing carpet were pathways to peruse the sea of colors and shapes.
Brandon continued his education in the arts graduating with a Bachelors in Fine Art: Emphasis in Metal Smithing/ Jewelry Design. The college was surrounded by beautiful hill country including a river flowing thru campus. Inspiration for his sculpture and jewelry he created during this time predominantly came from the river and parks. Brandon currently creates custom jewelry, large scale acrylic paintings on canvas, small scale sculpture, illustrations, and found object sculpture. He works in a multitude of different mediums including; acrylic paint, watercolor, prisma-color pencils, silver, bronze, gold, brass, and copper, and sea glass. Brandon currently resides in Pismo Beach California and pulls his inspiration from local wineries and the abundant beaches, parks, and wild life. He is currently working on a painting series about wine, jewelry inspired by the beach, and a sculpture series made from thousands of pieces of found sea glass.
Brandon is currently showing at Gala De Arte Fine Art Gallery located in Nipomo, California.